Alasdair is a multimedia artist based in Nottingham UK.

His work bases itself around the notion of a cut and paste reality.


Through his practice a collection of information is gathered and spliced together across the formats of sound, Performance, Video, and conventional paper collages. Creating an intensified jumble of sound and vision that overwhelms the senses challenging rational thought within an alteration process. Alasdair utilises historical narratives collected from online media archives, converts the media through recording directly from screens and television monitors, creating a sickly environment where   the artist embraces a shamanic ritualist ceremony, that the artist has called Altercations.

Alasdair, is currently studying an MFA: of Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and has exhibited locally and internationally.


“Altercation: 170708″

  • Work embraces alternative creations of the self, looking to absurdity and fragmentation within a self-construction. (I) is an alternative embrace of the other, part truth part fiction, existing within its own manifestation. For slap (I) wish to perform a shaving altercation, a series of works that addresses confrontation of extremist and political rhetoric alongside the mass consumption of information, via bombastic amounts of generated technological devices

Audiences are invited to record, live stream and document the performance. To capture the essence of the absurd within the conventions of social media and file sharing.

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