Alice Karveli is an interdisciplinary mixed media artist with a focus in performance, both live and on film, involving sculptural elements, hypnotic soundscapes, and a visceral kinaesthetic approach. She uses art and especially performance, as a medium for soul-scape exploration, emotional unleashing, healing, transformation, and withstanding inner strife. ‘Breaking Out of Second Skin’ is a symbolic ritual for the conscious birthing/re-birthing of the self. The struggling, dancing process of “breaking out” from the Self’s constraining “skins” is re-enacted in the corporeal, thereby allowing us to fully witness what usually only occurs within the subconscious in order to amplifying the awareness of its importance. In the paraphrased words of Friedrich Nietzsche, the snake that cannot shed its skin shall perish. Only through the transformation of the internal can we safely and effectively attempt to transform the external.