19th July – 7pm – late 

Rough Trade Nottingham

Witches Mark,

Geranium Slips





Witches Mark are guitar/drums duo hailing from Notts. Between them they create a distorted, stripped down , back to basics form of  rock and roll  using two of the most influential musical movements , punk and blues.

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Geranium Slips

A trio formed in Nottingham, Geranium Slips perform improvisational and chance-based musics situated within site-specific responses to the performance environment.

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You’re the vinegar and I’m the bee

Hauntingly poetic abstract vocals are accompanied by lofi kaleidoscopic layering of dissonant noises. Experimental duo from the East Midlands. Susan explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, documenting their utopian getaway. Singer/songwriter Chester Kirkin and musician James Hollingsworth, bring sinister electronica loops and guitar riffs encapsulating the fearful decent as they peer out of the closet, into the wide world of possibilities during self-discovery. Susan joins us during their first UK tour supporting Cookie Tongue from USA.

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Cookie Tongue is the whimsical world from NYC, led by Israel born Omer Gal aka MotherTongue, accompanied by fellow artist/musician core member Jacquelyn Marie Shannon and performance artist Sabrina Wenske as the prismatic priestess. Recently signed to Eh? Records. Brooklyn based Multi-instrumental incantatory vocals, freaky folky family bring imaginary raw-art landscapes to the project. Experimental loops engulf us and aid in collective primal catharsis, gently guiding the audience into the centre of a tornado.


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