Bands playing at LittleWolfParade – SLAP.

It’s like Friedrich Nietzsche predicted the silent disco flash mob…. Anyway we are going back to our roots of that beautiful, haunting mixture of art, performances and music, all in one jam-packed night. Some will naw at the bones of your existence and make you debate for days about what noises constitutes as music and vice-versa… We predict at least five human beings will want to ask for qualified answers “What exactly makes noise-art music” to be neatly presented in a five minute answer like we went on Pitchforks version of Question Time…. sure we can talk for days about Futurist ensembles, John Cage and La Mont Young…. and if you mention Margaret Chardiet’s Pharmakon to Rachel she’s probably reverb into straight O’s….. (“it’s a performance”) but instead take some time to explore your own pathways into what it can be… do … why… how… and you know you don’t need to dissect the philosophical to find moments of pure joy dancing inside the sound-waves.

Come closer and fill up that soul cup and you’ll dance my pretties – yes you shall dance…. because as our mate Nietzsche also said “Without music, life would be a mistake”… Love LWP


New Aktionist Nick Kilby’s latest Witch/Doom/Techno/Noise project, Paths.

Nick Kilby is a curator, performance artist and writer based in the North of England. Graduating in 2009 from Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett) with a BA (hons) in Contemporary Performance Practice he has performed nationally and internationally both solo and within ensemble collective actions that are time and sound based. In 2016 he graduated with an Mres from Leicester DMU that practically and critically examined the relationship between esoteric spiritual practice and the contemporary limum. Nick also performs as a solo sonic artist Paths, as a member of noise duo ╪ NPA╪ and is a member of the New Aktionist movement.


Improvised Noise/Art – La Borde

Musicians and artists, Steve Fossey, Julian Woodcock and Ed Whiteley will be premiering their experimental music as La Borde.

Improvised noise that takes its roots from blues, but has neo-classical influences and speaks to the avant-garde traditions of early 20th century music.  Using digital music software and live instrumentation they will work together to disrupt one another’s instruments whilst tampering with prerecorded textures.  There will be words, deep bass, slide guitar, and piano, but there will also be found sounds, long-wave radio distortion and clicks and pops.  The thing should be beautiful will no doubt have its ugly moments.

Steve Fossey has performed around the world as a blues musician and performance artist and currently teaches Fine Art at the University of Lincoln.  Julian Woodcock has made work nationally and internationally as a visual artist and was lead vocalist in Moon Bullet.  He currently teaches Fine Art at Nottingham College.  Ed Whiteley is the creator of Delirium Funk and has produced for a range of international artists.  Ed currently teaches at Nottingham Trent University.


Sheffield’s premier muscle-jazz rifflords, Yo Dynamo!

LittleWolfParade wouldn’t be ourselves unless we had someone to help us all howl at the moon, so avant-garage band Yo Dynamo are coming over to Rough Trade SLAP to ensure we all find our inner dance funk-punx dance moves and get a bit wild…. lets summon demons mommy…. the drums made me do it…. LWP <3