Bill Duffy is a musician and performance artist based in London and North West.

His work uses sound in combination with the physicality of the human body.


I am an emerging artist working on music with a theatrical narrative focus as well as solo theatre works.

I am also part of DBLD collective. We have performed at Camden Peoples’ Theatre and the IWM North.

I am working on a solo performance which I will show at Live Art Bistro in Leeds.

In the past I have performed music and contemporary theatre

at La Rambleta (Valencia), Teatro Iberico (Lisbon) and Islington Mill in Salford.


“Crucifix Stance” is a personal exploration of the protagonists struggles with depression. The piece draws parallels between the duality of Catholicism (incidental guilt complex and cleansing through ritual confession) with the stigma surrounding mental health. The piece uses movement exploring self-harm in reaction to a soundscape and spoken word confessions

It is a multi-disciplinary work consisting of a pre-recorded soundscape accompanied by a physical performance and spoken word. The work compares the incidental guilt associated with Catholicism with the stigma that mental illness evokes. Contains some nudity and some shocking imagery. website of DBLD Collective