Recently graduating BA(Hons) Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, I am a video/installation based performer from the East Midlands. My video ‘performances’ juxtapose the tangible need to be touch and felt, lying somewhere between the mental and physical.


What does it mean for one object to encounter another?

Where does touch form in the distance between our skin?


“Wanting it, wanting

with all my hunger this anguish,

this knowing in the body

the grim odds we’re

up against, wanting it real.”

— Denise Levertov, To Stay Alive; “Entr’acte”


I begrudge my toxic thirst to understand the distance of touch and when it begins. Some objects you find yourself impulsively drawn to and without realising it you’re already reaching out: grasping, getting your fix from the uncontrollable urge to feel. We have grown as a species, evolved and clawed our way to the top. Yet we still carry this fundamental desire to have skin to skin contact through years of social interaction. How is it simulated? What is this incomprehensible moment? Can you replicate the intangible?

…Is this obsessive?

Frustrated and overwhelmed by the unsayable juncture of ‘the sense of touch’, I have become engulfed, motivating my practice to form around my innate desire to replicate a sensation of the tactile without any physical contact. I have found myself digging further into the rabbit hole, how does the philosophical and metaphysical interrupt the boundaries of what we deem interactive? How is it these instants cannot be purely imitated? Delving into my fixation with the parameters between contact, I attempt to create a silent dialogue, connecting art, artist and participant.


Whatever Souls Are Made Of, 2018, is a duel projection installation that recognises the limits and boundaries between touch and flesh. Hours and hours of repetitively itching and stroking the skin, rendered down into a 15-minute film. Mimicking the desire of fleshiness, the projection contradicts the ideals of touch and at what point it becomes present.