I am a live artist, writer, academic and artistic director of Collective Unconscious an immersive theatre company who produce events that transport audiences into otherworldly spaces, free places, removed from the pressures, rules and inhibitions of everyday reality to allow them to explore new ways of being, to facilitate self-exploration and challenge preconceived notions of themselves

I make one to one and small-group work that explores issues relating to intimacy, sexuality, personal and social boundaries and the way that these merge within individual identity.



The piece explores this complexity through the relatively simple offer to interact with the audience in three ways that will bring them pleasure. A range of objects will be presented to the participant, from the offer of food, to music, to objects inferring tactile pleasure. The participant will then be able to choose exactly what they interact with and how they interact with it. I want the offer to be open, consensual and with minimal pressure on the participant.


Consent is obviously a key consideration in terms of this work


This piece positions itself and explores the dichotomy presented between the revelations of mass sexual harassment and abuse revealed by the #metoo movement and also the physical and mental need and benefit of touch both from both partners, family members and also from strangers as presented by psychologists and sociologists who suggest we may be living through a crisis of touch (see: The aim of this piece it to begin the exploration of how contrived and ‘performed’ scenarios such as the one to one can provide insights into the practical, political, ethical, moral and psychological issues that exist within this experiential binary.