Cookie Tongue. Image credits Omer Gal

Cookie Tongue is a folky-noise-art musical project that “transcends expectations for a musical performance”

with incantatory songs brought further to life in performance,

layered theatre, puppetry, dance, poetry, costume and animation.

The artists reside in the playful place of childhood adventures and they invite you along to explore the treasure map.

The deeper you go deeper into the wilderness, new ink paths form.


We are excitedly working with NYC band Cookie Tongue

& support from newcomers susan at Latitude Festival.



Cookie Tongue is the whimsical world led by Israel born artist/musician, Omer Gal aka Mother Tongue, accompanied by core member interdisciplinary artist/musician, Jacquelyn Marie Shannon. Recently signed to Eh? Records, conceived San Francisco 2011, based in Brooklyn NYC.

Multi-instrumental incantatory vocal, freaky folky family consist of a rotating membership of interdisciplinary artists/musicians, all bringing imaginary raw-art landscapes to the project. Three is the magic number for this show only, bringing performance artist Sabrina Wenske as the prismatic priestess gently guiding the audience into the centre of a tornado.

Collaborating bewitching theatrical tableaux, stories that are woven together by nomadic incantors, a playful retreat for our inner-child, as we venture into darker places inside the cycles of shadow and light. Creating mystical constellations, both aurally and visually, to guide us in the darkness and inviting us to suspend our immediate reality to step into another world just beyond.

Instagram Omer Gal Art


‘You’re the vinegar and I’m the bee’

susan. is an experimental duo from the East Midlands, lead by the unique musings of singer/songwriter Chester Kirkin and musician James Hollingsworth.

susan. explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, in a small village, documenting their utopian getaway. The melancholic lyrical woes are transformed into an archive of hope and surreal daydreaming. The lofi layering of cacophony sounds crash into the audience. Sinister electronica loops and guitar riffs encapsulating the poetic singing of the fearful decent one may have as they peer out of the closet, into the wide world of possibilities during self-discovery. susan. reminds us, with haunting humble words, that assembling identity and finding our individual paths is a quest worth fighting for. Who we long to be inside the kaleidoscopic dissonant noises and abstract vocal melodies, as we too reverb against our own fleshy capsules.

susan is breathtaking.







More soon…