Little Wolf Parade presents an afternoon of films and Artist talk by

Artist Tereza Buskova

A rare and super special opportunity to see these stunning films inside a cinema space.

Part two of our Performing Intimacy via the Silver Screen.

Sunday 17th April // 4pm – 6pm // Donation £7

Screen 22 Cinema Nottingham


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“Rituals dowsed in colourful coded messages, collected childhood experienced, learned behaviours, celebration of foods, sexuality and culture… all re-imagined or re-enacted from real life, whilst dancing into fantasy and imagination – making anew the rites – these visually beautiful living paintings will enrich your soul.” PARRY

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 19.17.45Poster Martin Bušek
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“I celebrate and re-interpret long established customs with performance, print & video. My work is not built on existing facts of past folk practices alone. It is a personalised exploration of the feelings and fantasies bound up in our rich festive celebrations. My performances depict an improvised portrait of the rites of passage, which reflect not only the change of season, but also sexuality, fertility and the powers of rural mythology. After researching how people faithfully practice their traditions and rituals I then reinvent them with my collaborators and local communities. Among many others actor writer Zoe Simon and cellist composer Bela Emerson have continuously contributed to realizing and re-interpreting my vision.”
Tereza Buskova

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Tereza Buskova (b.1978, Prague) is a Czech artist who lives in Birmingham with her young family. She completed her Fine Art Printmaking MA at the Royal College of Art in 2007. Since her graduation from the RCA Buskova has been exhibited by David Roberts (Rituals, 2008), Anita Zabludowicz (A Tradition I Do Not Mean To Break, 2009) and the Newlyn Art Gallery (Rituals Are Tellers Of Us, 2013). She has exhibited, performed and lectured in a broad range of different spaces including Lincoln’s Chambers Farm Wood 2010, Islington High Street 2012 and Kunstnernes Hus Oslo 2014.

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 ‘The films present living tableaux, more like a linked succession of moving paintings than a story, in which traditional Bohemian rituals are seamlessly merged with artistic reinterpretations and interventions. They are wordless, their heady atmosphere heightened by haunting, cello-heavy soundtracks. Buskova makes the costumes and props, directs the actor-dancers and edits the film. She also makes screen prints from the action: the colour coordination and heraldic flatness of the scenes are well-suited to the still image.’

Paul Carey-Kent, Saatchi Magazine

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