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Little Wolf Parade Productions are proud to announce that we will be hosting the premier of Artist Jamie Lewis Hadely’s touring performance/lecture ‘Blood on The Streets’ before it heads off to other major cities in the U.K!

‘During the Middle Ages a new category of medical practitioner emerged…bloodletting and other minor procedures moved into the hands of barber-surgeons.

They advertised with a symbol that endures to this day

— a red and white striped pole.

The pole represents the stick patients would grab while being phlebotomized; the white stripes represent the bandages and the red stripes, the blood’

— Douglas Starr

David Ryckaert

Painting  David Ryckaert

The story tells us Sweeney Todd bled his victims to death before dumping them out of his barbers chair into the basement. However, The Barbers we’re interested in didn’t bleed to kill, but to heal. Blood on the Streets is series of public performance lectures that are situated within the window of a barbershop.

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For one day only, Twenty Eight Barbers will host Jamie Lewis Hadley and Dr Belinda Fenty as they expose the history of bloodletting as a medical practice, tracing its roots in ancient medicine, the rise of the barber-surgeon and our current understanding of this incredible substance. Through a combination of live text, projected images and re-enactment, the key figures, instruments and (often unbelievable) techniques will be explored.

They’ll be no meat pies this time, but there will definitely be blood!

jamie lewis hadley - photo Guido Mencari from SPILL Festival of Performance 2013


Jamie Lewis Hadley. SPILL Festival 2013 – Photo Credit Guido Mencari 



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About Jamie Lewis Hadley.

Jamie Lewis Hadley - photo Tony Perez.

Since completing a BA and MRes in Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth, jamie lewis hadley has been working predominantly as a solo live artist, showing work in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Lithuania and Croatia. His current practise utilises his career as a former professional wrestler and uses it as a departure    point    to    create    live    art performances that explore, both aesthetically and    thematically:   blood,    deterioration, endurance, pain and violence. His current area of research and creative output is concerned with performing medicine and the history of bloodletting as a medical practice. He has received over £90,000 in funding grants since 2009 from organisations including the Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Artsadmin, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Ideastap, Old Vic and Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Recent commissions include SPILL festival, Birthday Rites (Panic Lab) and a commission to create a new piece of work with seminal artist Franko B.


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Producer – Xavier de Sousa

Collaborator and Performer – Dr Belinda Fenty

Producer – Hannah Moore

Loaction Producer for Nottingham – Rachel Parry

National/Regional Partner for Nottingham – Little Wolf Parade Productions


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