I am a Spanish artist based in Lincolnshire since 1994. My practice is multidisciplinary with a strong performative bias. Through “making” or “doing” I seek to gain better understanding about myself and others.




Foucault talks about “ working at the edge of an un-thought, slowly building a language in which to think it” *

As I make

I see myself

                 walking rather

                                     than working,

                                                       at the edge of the un-thought

                                                                                                     as if it where a cliff.

                                                                                                     I can’t stop walking.





I have a notion of what I am aiming towards…and I walk, slowly building a path on the edge of that notion waiting to stumble, to trip; perhaps falling, rarely diving, some times nearer, sometimes further away and occasionally directly into







A work in progress exploring the weight of a womb and the affects on a body post-hysterectomy. The dough-balls manipulated and handled until transforming into fleshy appearing balls of otherness. Methods in the madness and madness in the methods, stitch us back up and contain the hysteria.



*Fisher E. and Rebecca Fortnum. 2013, On Not Knowing: How Artists Think, Black dog publishing: London, Pg. 72