Joey Mottershead (Haus of Yösef) is an interdisciplinary performance artist and spoken word poet based in Amsterdam. Their work explores trauma, psychosis and identity politics through cathartic spectacles of live art performed with a signature grotesque physicality. For SLAP they will be displaying a patchwork of imagery exploring how loudly they can cry for help; and figuring out what to do when no one answers.


‘Rebirth/Danspünkt/Taping a Stand for yr rights’ is a tryptich of live work.

I have always been fascinated by trauma and tragic female figures of insanity.

However, I am naturally shifting into themes that involves themselves with empowerment from trauma.

The strength of insanity

and a shift towards rebellious and punk attitudes.

What happens when a victim takes out a gun? 


Live Artist, Dancer, Producer and Facilitator. Trained in release-based contemporary dance techniques. Adept as a performer, workshop facilitator and choreographer. Confident in the application of choreographic devices for concluding work and open-ended investigation for research and development. Skilled improviser with a vast amount of live improvised performance experience. Interdisciplinary live artist currently developing work within the field of performative arts therapy and the relationship between subject and viewer. Emerging filmmaker and director recently working within Channel 4s ‘Random Acts’ strain. Finalist for Breakthrough Talent at Borderlines Film Festival. Experienced stage manager in fringe and small-scale venue production. Graduated from BA (Hons) Dance from De Montfort University. Haus of Yosef was also a prominent member of FRIED RICE JAMS; an artistic community collective that hosted several ‘art jam’ events around Leicester. Co-runs House of Verse, an eclectic variety collective and perform spoken word poetry and dance/music collaborations regularly as part of their live events.