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3 – 8 November – Bristol


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It is really one for the diary!

Tempting Failure will play host to around 50 artists from the 3rd to 8th November with an extensive programme throughout Bristol City, including FREE workshops, performance and talks.

They will conclude with a spectacular celebration of performance on the 7th & 8th November at our home in The Island, Bristol.  This site of the former city police station, provides a unique and immersive opportunity to discover work in the former cells, holding areas, exercise yards of this period location.
Our Artistic Director Rachel Parry will be performing on the Saturday – alongside a phenomenal line up of wonderful artists. Some of which have been supported by Little Wolf Parade over the years – showing their Live Art at our events.

Rachel Parry Promo pic - credit M.Wheeler

“Making body based (often visceral) and always challenging Performance Art is like speaking in another language, not everyone is willing to be witness to the ritual. As every action considered, every moment pushed to the threshold. This art form breaths life into the space in inhabits, it plays with conception and realities. The Flowing energy seeps out from every pour, as we confront this skin, as we shed light on the flaws, dissecting each moment held in a mirror for the audience. Dear audience – how my heart aches – the compassion hangs on an imaginary thread, as the sweat drips from my brow, Goosebumps gather and my lip quivers, can you see with me? I just need you to be here with me, to see, to feel, to come on this journey and to confront together…. it is difficult – I know. Sometimes, I don’t want to look inside either.” R.Parry 2014

Rachel wrote more about her experience last year here.

Tempting Failure is not for profit,  every ticket sold to these final two nights directly helps to fund the entire week of programming and the 50 paid artists that you will support.


Tickets available here


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