Rachel Parry of Little Wolf Parade and Sarah Todino of GAL curated and produced the art photographs and talks on behalf of “The I’m Tired Project” and it has been an exciting few weeks! The project by Harriet Evans and Paula Akpan, aims to highlight the effects of stereotyping on our well being.

The project (rightly so) has had a lot of media attention, it already was ‘internet famous’ after going viral last year. Highlighting social/political issues and affects on individuals through enduring micro-aggressions and stereotyping. We were honoured that the artists wanted to bring the project back to Nottingham – where it was originally conceived, after their exciting trip to NYC this year. The images selected to show in the GAL // GuerillArtLab gallery are a mixture from this NYC exhibition 2016 and the beginnings in Nottingham 2015. There is more information about how Little Wolf Parade and GAL collaborated with the I’m Tired project here below.


Paula Akpan adding Hayley Compton’s ‘I’m Tired’ message to her back whilst interviewing Paula for BBC Nottingham Radio about the project. @radiohayley

Thank you to everyone that came to the exhibition for The I’m Tired Project!  

So far the gallery has had over 300 visits in person and over 3000 views and interactions on social media! The artists have had many 1 to 1 bookings over the weekend to share each participant for the Nottingham private photography this May. Both Paula and Harriet have had local and international media attention for the project and we look forward to seeing how it grows as they take it to other places around the world in years to come.

image7Harriet Evans and Paula Akpan the artists behind the I’m Tired project. Image R.PARRY

In case you missed it or just want to have a look here is the interview on Notts TV




Here are the interns from Notts TV contributing their story on why they are tired.


On opening night we had soulful musical delights from Emily Franklin from Shady Cow collective and GAL Collective. (left)

And Poet and female MC Alice Short @aliceshortuk who has her EP out right now and has recently been played on BBC radio 6 and Radio 1. (below)



The GAL Collective contributed their I’m Tired stories as a group – and have given permission to share this here.


Paula outside the GAL // GuerillArtLab space with the specially made ‘bunting’ to not only encourage passers by to visit the Gallery Exhibition but also to highlight the issues in the street – where micro aggressions can often occur. The space is situated in the heart of the creative quarter, Hockley, Nottingham and inside the old projection room of Screen 22 Cinema. The cinema is still there but as modern technology moved on – there was no need for back-projection and so GAL found it’s home for artistic practice.


More information on GAL above.


Paula talking about the project with a packed out audience at Rough Trade Nottingham.

(not all people wanted to be in the photo and moved)

Thank you to everyone how ever you participated and if you missed it – don’t worry you can still submit your story to the ongoing project to and the print exhibition will be on various dates during June.


im tired photo edited