“I make performance work that challenges, provokes and disrupts.”



Sophie Swoffer’s practice investigates the agency-filled potential of femininity and masquerade.

Producing intermedial investigations through use of film and projection that display hyper femme personas that challenge the reductive positioning of woman on screen. Perpetuating a legacy of subversive feminist performance art, her work directly rejects Laura Mulvey’s dated theory of the ‘male gaze’ and displays a need to find new ways of looking at women and alternative and monstrous femininities in performance. Sophie Swoffer seeks to use her love of film and immersive art to interrogate issues inside feminist film practice critique.



“After graduating from my undergraduate degree in Drama Studies in 2014 at De Montfort University, I decided to continue my studies and passion for creating performance and do a MA degree in Performance Practices. After completing my MA I tried my luck as a freelance performance artist for a year where I made work under the title of Associate Artist to DMU. In this year I made a number of small scale performance works that I toured around the East Midlands and collaborated with a number of Midlands based artists. After a year of being freelance I decided to go back to university and begin my practice-based PhD, and I am now in my first year.” Sophie Swoffer


                  IMAGE David Wilson Clarke