Where have you been Little Wolf Parade?


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We have been working on several things, behind the scenes on developing our vision of what we could do to support and nurture Live and Performance Artists even further.


Last year, you may remember our Artistic Director was awarded a place on the prestigious ‘New Producers’ scheme, working with Pacitti Company on the upcoming SPILL Festival. 

The platform in Ipswich, had 35 incredible artists/companies on the National Platform 2014, showcasing the diverse talent from across the Live Art and Performance Art Industry. See the documentation on SPILL TV.



Competition was extremely fierce…

everyone who presented in the Platform had something tremendous to offer.


A ‘super-team’ panel of Artists and companies who were invited to view the artists and reflect which eleven Showcase artists would go on to present artwork at The SPILL National Showcase will take place in London – 28 October – 8 November and The festival theme this year is ‘On Spirit’.

The team are very hush hush about which of the artists have been selected and who else they are curating into the City-take over of Live/Performance Art Autumn 2015…all we know is that legendary Artist Karen Finley will be performing at the Barbican and this alone is getting us all excited at LWP Head Quarters!!!


Portrait by ©Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, All Rights Reserved


Karen is one of the most significant performance makers in the world and this work is simply unmissable.

Drawn from performance texts, letters, poetry and fragments compiled by the artist between 1983 and 1994, Written in Sand is a lyrical and highly personal testimony. It recalls a time in which loss, indifference and cruelty came to define the lives of people with AIDS, their friends and families. SPILL



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So…How are Little Wolf Parade involved and benefiting from this experience?

Rachel – Our Artistic Director, was peer selected through a tough application process – only five people from hundreds of applications were successful. All five new producers are being given support and training to push their potential even further. AND Rachel is the only one North of London who was chosen. That’s pretty special to have her talents noticed by the leaders in the industry.

Part of the processes involves Rachel developing two of the peer-selected artists new art work for the London showcase. All of her professional development through SPILL is enhancing how we will provide exciting, experimental live art and performance art practice here in the East Midlands.



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The team hard at work at Pacitti Head Quarters